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skaats fan

Premium Stove Fan

Boost the efficiency of your stove.
Get more heat using up to 20% less fuel.

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Use up to 20% Less Fuel


High Performance up to 190cfm

uk made

Designed & Developed in the UK


Dual Performance Technology

fan blade

Silent Blade Technology


12 Month Warranty

save fuel

Use 20% Less Fuel

The Skaats premium stove fan works by maximising the heat from your stove without any external power and distributing it into your living space, saving you up to 20% on fuel.

fan heat before

Without Skaats Fan

fan heat after

With Skaats Fan

black stove fan

Dual Performance Technology

Unlike conventional stove fans, the Skaats fan recovers wasted heat from your stove via the unique convection chamber, the recovered heat is then distributed into your home at up to 190cfm.

copper stove fan
silent blade

Silent Blade Technology

Using advanced engineering software and 100’s of hours of testing, we have created a unique silicon fan blade design. This combined with the revolutionary body design pushes the heated air further and faster than any other product this size.

fan handle

Safety in Mind

The fan can easily be re-positioned and removed from the stove using the safe touch leather lift handle. Cleaning is made easy with fully wipeable surfaces.

The unique silicone blade is housed safely inside the main body for added safety.

premium fan


The visually stunning Skaats design compliments any stove and is available in a range of muted contemporary colours to suit any decor.

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