Will a Stove Fan Actually Make Your Home Warmer?

Winter is a beautiful time of year, but it’s not always comfortable. With cold winds and snowy chills making homes across the country much colder, it’s always a comfort to get home and light up your stove. Warmth at last! But, as anyone who owns a stove will know unless you sit close enough to burn your socks off, you can’t always feel the warmth as well as you could do. So, what do you?

This is where stove fans come in. Let’s take a look at how these little fans work and whether they’re as effective as you might have heard.

How Does the Stove Fan Work?

To understand how a wood burner stove fan works, you first need to look at heat distribution. Naturally, heat rises, so whilst your stove is emitting plenty of warmth, most of that hot air is going to rise up rather than spread out. That definitely isn’t ideal when trying to keep the cold out of your home! In fact, it leads to a lot of wasted heat and a stove that isn’t very efficient. Enter the stove fan.

Unlike traditional stove fans that basically move stagnant heat around, the Skaats stove fan is designed to capture that recovered heat that’s going to escape upwards and distribute it effectively around your room. So, instead of rising, the heat will now move horizontally, which makes a lot more sense when heating up a home.

Does that Really Make the Room Warmer?

In short, yes, it does make your room warmer. Before stove fans, the heat emitted from a stove would only reach a small area around the fire, and a lot of it would rise up and out of your home through the chimney. The fan catches that heat in its blades and diverts its path. So, instead of moving up, it’s going to be pushed outwards into your room. The warmth will be spread further, and you’ll have fewer super hot spots right next to the stove and fewer cold spots around the rest of the room. Simply put, your stove becomes more effective! You’ll have a warmer, cosier room, rather than just a very hot ceiling.

A Power-Free Source of Extra Heat

One of the best things about a log burner stove fan (aside from its heat-diverting capabilities) is that it runs completely free of an external energy source. You don’t need to plug it into a socket, use batteries, or find any way to power your fan because the heat from your stove will do that for you. As your stove begins to produce heat your fan will start to spin. Not only is that incredibly eco-friendly, but it also makes it very economical.

The Skaats fan has been designed to be quieter as the blades are internal unlike traditional fans and the unique design means the blades can run slower but move much more air. It also features a temperature regulator to ensure the blades do not spin too fast and create noise and vibrations.

Reduce Your Fuel Consumption

The effectiveness of a premium stove fan means that your stove becomes more efficient at warming your home, so you can use less wood (or alternative fuel source) to generate more heat. That’s a definite win-win! By using less fuel, you can reduce the cost of heating your home, making a fan an investment that’s good for your bank and your cold toes. Your stove becomes more environmentally friendly, too, as it consumes fewer resources whilst functioning at a better level.

Try the Skaats Premium Stove Fan

If you’re on the hunt for a premium stove fan that you can be confident is going to work effectively, take a look at Skaats. We use a unique convection chamber to recover as much heat from your stove as possible and channel it throughout your home, improving the efficiency of your heater with ease. Made from high-quality materials, including aircraft-grade aluminium and premium leather, the fan is highly durable whilst still looking sleek and modern, available in 6 colours to fit perfectly in your home. It’s powerful, quiet, and designed to create warmer homes sustainably and best of all It’s designed, finished and assembled in the U.K.

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